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Be Flexible With LAWCLERK

By Mike Graner
April 14, 2020

Technology exists to make our lives easier.  In uncertain times, technology connects us and allows us to continue to get work done.  The legal field is unique in that it gives attorneys the freedom to work from anywhere which is exactly where LAWCLERK comes in.  Experienced freelance lawyers know that firsthand. 

LAWCLERK was built to support remote legal work. Many people know we connect lawyers with licensed virtual associates, but we do so much more. Our tools include remote communication, sharing of documents, billing/time keeping, and conflict management that make it easy to work as a freelancer from anywhere.

With LAWCLERK, lawyers can set up a free account which allows them access to legal projects posted by attorneys across the country.  In turn, they can apply to work on these projects from anywhere.  It’s a great resource for lawyers who want to work as a freelancer, for lawyers who want to pick up extra work, or for lawyers who need to be flexible.

LAWCLERK is where attorneys go to hire freelance lawyers to help complete legal work on a per project basis.  It was built by lawyers, for lawyers, with the understanding that lawyers are busy and need help getting work done while others want to pick up extra work. 

On LAWCLERK, freelance lawyers are referred to as Lawclerks.  Once registered on the site, Lawclerks can tag up to seven areas of law they have expertise in and then receive a notification once a new project is posted in one of their areas.  From there, they can review the details of the project, the due date, the flat fee price they are going to get paid and decide whether they want to apply for the project.  Once they apply, their resume, writing sample, bio, and reviews of past projects are shared with the hiring attorney who will then select the applicant they want to work with. 

All communication through LAWCLERK is done through the platform and the technology allows lawyers to upload and exchange all documents through the site.  The ease of this remote working process is why LAWCLERK is the industry leader in per project freelance legal work. 

There is no cost to join the site and Lawclerks have the freedom to apply for any project they want to work on.  It truly gives lawyers the opportunity to work when they want and from where they want. 

A great feature of LAWCLERK is the Teams feature.  Attorneys can post a Team on the site stating who they are looking for and what type of work they are looking to get done.  Lawclerks can apply to become a member of as many Teams as they wish.  Once selected as a member of a Team, they can get invited to work on projects directly from the hiring attorney as opposed to applying to work on a project.  It’s a great benefit because it helps freelancers assume the role of a virtual associate which can lead to more work and pay. 

LAWCLERK is solely based in the United States and works with hiring attorneys who need help in all areas of law.  To become a registered Lawclerk, one must be a member of a state bar in good standing and complete the brief online registration process which includes an upload of a resume, writing sample, proof of bar membership, profile photo, and verification photo.  The process takes about five minutes and is free to complete.

These are tough times for everyone and the ability to be flexible is the key to us all getting through the rough days ahead.  To be able to have the flexibility and freedom to complete legal work from anywhere without working full time is a game changer.  I invite you to register for your free account today and give LAWCLERK a try. 

If you have any questions or need help getting started, we are here to help.  Please reach out to the LAWCLERK Care Team by email at or by phone (888) 479-5728.


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