Law in Pop Culture


By Michael Brunet, Esq.
November 22, 2017

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

  • Ferris B. 

Sometimes you just know, “I’m missing something.” You realize suddenly you’re different, but not in a good way. A moment of insight, a burst of introspection, when you finally look up, focus, take the world in, and realize, uh, oh – something isn’t right – not with the world, but with me. 

It’s that moment when: 

You’re waiting alone in the taxi line and notice everyone around you is hopping into a car with a little glowing sign that says “Uber” or “Lyft.” 

You ask yourself “what’s so great about Netflix?” while you’re dropping DVD’s into a big red box outside the supermarket. 

You flip open your phone to …, well, … you flip open your phone …. 

A colleague asks, “Do you Lawclerk?” and you don’t know if they mean were you a judicial clerk or a contract attorney? 

It’s that moment when you realize the world changed, life as you know it or knew it changed, and you haven’t. You realize suddenly just how fast life moves, how long it’s been since you stopped and looked around, and how much of what’s been happening you’ve missed. 

More than any other profession, lawyers hate the feeling of missing something – something you were expected to know, but didn’t. Three years of the Socratic method in law school and three months of studying for ‘gotcha’ bar exam questions inculcate in us dread of missing something important, while the frenetic pace of professional life makes it feel impossible to stop even for a moment to look around and contemplate what we might be missing. 

In law practice, it’s the moment someone asks, “Do you Lawclerk?” – and you realize something new and exciting and better is here –and it seems as if everyone knows and is using it – except you. 

Dramatic, sweeping changes are happening today to the practice and profession of law, and like life, these changes are moving pretty fast. Stop and look around, and catch up on what you’ve missed. 

“Do you Lawclerk?” For solo and general practitioners and small firms, now is the time to learn about LAWCLERK™ – the next generation, industry leading marketplace that grows your practice and expands your subject matter expertise all while reducing your overhead.  

In 3 simple clicks, and 90 seconds or less, LAWCLERK™ delivers a free to use, fully secure, compliant, and confidential platform that gives your practice access to stellar freelance U.S. lawyers who do the work you want, when you want it, and at the price you want to pay. LAWCLERK™ expands your subject matter expertise and delivers the extra help that only another attorney can provide.  

Life moves pretty fast. But in 2017 and beyond, the legal practice and profession will move even faster. Stop and visit us at and look around so you don’t miss it! Save Ferris! 


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