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Don’t Let the {March} Madness Get You!

By Kristin Tyler
March 12, 2019

I don’t even know how it’s possible but it’s already March.  Didn’t we all just toast the New Year and make resolutions just a few days ago?! 

Nonetheless the March is upon us.  This year I want to challenge you to put LAWCLERK to work for you so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the madness that happens this time of year!  Here are five clever ways I’ve seen attorneys put our freelance lawyers to work lately. 

  1.        CLE Materials.  We have had several attorneys use LAWCLERK to find a freelance lawyer to help research and prepare materials for a CLE presentation.  Some attorneys are even hiring our Lawclerks to prepare the corresponding PowerPoint presentation.  Recently an attorney from Louisiana hired a freelance lawyer from Arizona to help research and prepare materials for a CLE he was going to present in Texas.  I just love this example and the power of how the LAWCLERK marketplace is connecting attorneys all over the country to get more work done!
  2.        Appendix for Appellate Brief.  Recently an attorney out of Georgia posted a project to get some help with an appendix for an appellate brief.  She had the brief done and the appendix was due in a week.  As any of you true solos out there know, creating these complex appendices can be incredibly time consuming.  If you have one of these on your desk – or coming up soon – give LAWCLERK a try!  We continue to see more and more appellate work coming through the marketplace and you may be surprised at the talent our Lawclerks can bring to these types of cases.
  3.        Criminal History.  One of our top users recently hired a Lawclerk to prepare a memo regarding the criminal history of one of the individuals in a case.  This involved many hours researching public data bases to pull together a timeline of criminal charges and convictions.  Hiring a Lawclerk to do this was a smart move which saved the attorney many hours of time!
  4.        Proofreading.  Ever wish you had an extra set of eyes?  If you are a solo, I bet you have had this exact wish from time to time!  One of our clever attorneys out of Florida routinely hires our Lawclerks to proofread documents before she sends them out the door.  These projects are not priced very high and we are pleased to be an affordable resource to offer proof reading services by talented attorneys when you need it!
  5.         Intake Systems.  Legal journals, blogs and countless podcasts talk about the importance of building systems and processes in your practice.  If you are like most attorneys, you know these are important to your ultimate success, but you may struggle to find time to create the intake tools you need to streamline your systems.  Recently one of our users hired a Lawclerk to help create an intake form for new clients on a particular type of case to streamline the management of those cases moving forward.  Brilliant!

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the March Madness get you down.  Put LAWCLERK to work for you!  Sign up for your free hiring attorney account with LAWCLERK during the month of March and automatically be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card when you use referral code MADNESS during registration.


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