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LAWCLERK: Implementation of Improved Ratings System

By Kristin Tyler
April 19, 2018

LAWCLERK™ is pleased to announce that, starting today, we are rolling out an enhanced rating system for our freelance lawyers (we call them “Lawclerks”).  The new and improved rating system was developed in response to feedback from our Attorneys and we are confident it will improve the user experience.  

Instead of the prior one to five stars, the new rating system will allow the hiring Attorney to evaluate the Lawclerk’s performance and indicate if they Exceeded Expectations (green), Met Expectations (blue) or Did Not Meet Expectations (red).  In addition, the revised system will also allow the hiring Attorney to submit a written review to provide additional feedback.

It is important to note that this is a complete revamp of the rating system.  As part of the implementation, all prior ratings will be deleted and Lawclerks will be evaluated using the new system from today forward.  

How does it work?  When a project is completed, the Attorney will be prompted to state whether the Lawclerk’s performance exceeded, met or did not meet expectations.  The reviews will be scored and indexed in relation to the number of projects the Lawclerk has completed.  This data, as well as any written comments, will then be available to the hiring Attorneys when they are reviewing applicants for new projects.  

These improved features will help busy Attorneys be able to more efficiently review Lawclerk applicants and select the right legal talent, when and how they need it.  



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