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Sleigh This Holiday Season

By Kristin Tyler
December 03, 2019

The holidays are upon us and if you know me IRL then you know I can’t resist a few good holiday puns in this week’s blog.  So grab a cup of holiday cheer and away we go!

If there is one time of year in particular that I hear people en masse say things along the lines of “I wish there were two of me!” or “If only I could clone myself!” it’s now.  December is a time warp of year end client deadlines, pushing to hit professional goals, and a never ending calendar of social engagements.

If you are feeling stretched a bit too thin this December I have exciting news for you!  Thanks to the magic of our nationwide network of thousands of freelance lawyers, LAWCLERK can help you “sleigh” your to-do list and enjoy this holiday season!  Here’s how…

What kind of work can you send to a freelance lawyer?

Freelance lawyers can assist on any work you might otherwise delegate to a paralegal or an associate attorney.  They can help with research, drafting any sort of written document, and managing discovery.  They can also help with time consuming tasks like writing new blogs for your law firm website or just giving you an extra set of eyes on a document before it is submitted to the court.  All the work is done remotely – or virtually – so unfortunately that means you can’t hire them to come in and wrap that giant mound of gifts stacked in your conference room. 

Not sure how to get started with outsourcing?  Pick an easy project like a research memo and hand it off to a freelance lawyer.  Let them spend hours digging through case law and preparing a memo with their legal analysis.  Chances are you’ll wish you had tried it sooner!

What is the talent level of freelance lawyers?

Freelance lawyers have an incredibly diverse array of backgrounds and expertise.  They include everyone from recent graduates to former judicial clerks, stay at home parents, military spouse, big law alums, and even some retired or semi-retired lawyers.  Many freelancers have decades of experience and deep expertise that you can tap into to benefit your clients’ cases.  These freelance lawyers are intentionally charting their own career paths and you can benefit from their available time, time and expertise.

The Altman Weil Law Firms in Transition Report for 2019 surveyed 362 law firms, each with 50 or more lawyers.  The survey reported that 59.8% of these firms say the use of contract lawyers is a permanent trend.  Of the firms already using contract or freelance lawyers, 62.1% say the contract lawyers have delivered a significant improvement in their firm’s performance.

Larger law firms are benefiting from the use of freelance lawyers in their business models.   Thanks to LAWCLERK, law firms of all sizes from solo shops to mid-sized firms can also easily connect with talented freelance lawyers to get more work done, generate revenue, and keep overhead under control.  Saving time and making more money is definitely a win-win during the holiday season.

There’s no time like the “present” to give yourself a gift and give outsourcing a try! Learn more at