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The Start of the Beginning…

By Greg Garman
November 03, 2017

I and my co-founders have had remarkable careers as practicing attorneys.  We belong to a generation of lawyers, perhaps the last generation, who had a relatively easy time finding opportunities to prove our talents.    We are lucky to count as our clients the most interesting and sophisticated of businesses and individuals.  And they have trusted us to guide them through disputes and transactions that are regularly measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars and sometimes in the billions. 

Yet even from the enviable position, it’s become obvious to us the business of law has already begun a phase of disruption and change for which we as a profession are not yet ready.  There is an unprecedented over supply of lawyers, competition from technology is beginning to nip at our heels, and for the first time in generations, legal services are a shrinking piece of the U.S. economy.  Without new tools, our noble profession is facing a rough and uncertain future.  And this is where the Lawclerk story begins.

The Lawclerk marketplace was designed by lawyers, for lawyers.  And that’s not a throw away marketing line.  As practicing lawyers, we understand the importance of protecting the profession of law.  We understand the need to protect the bond individual lawyers share with their clients.  We understand the need to protect reputations within the legal community.  And most importantly we understand that advances in technology need to fit squarely within the confines of the ABA Model Ethical Rules and each states adoption and interpretation of them.

Our mission at Lawclerk is a grand.  We want our fellow lawyers to be able to turn out work product that is better, faster and more affordable; but at the same time we want you to make more money through the elimination of overhead and fixed costs.

By way of this blog, we plan to tell our story from the beginning, both our successes and failures.  But more importantly, over the coming days, weeks, months and years, we plan to talk about how the business of law is evolving and how we can change with it, for the better.  Being a lawyers is an honorable and wonderful career, but it’s not always easy.  It can prove to be difficult on both a professional and personal level.  And our goal for Lawclerk and this blog are the same, to provide you additional tools to improve both your practices of law as well as your businesses of law.


CEO and Co-Founder


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