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By Mike Graner
March 17, 2020

LAWCLERK was built to support remote legal work. Many people know we connect lawyers with licensed virtual associates, but we do so much more. Our tools include remote communication, sharing of documents, billing/time keeping, and conflict management that make it easier for you to work with freelance lawyers.

Technology exists to make our lives easier.  In uncertain times, technology connects us and allows us to continue to get work done.  That is exactly where LAWCLERK comes in. 

LAWCLERK is where busy attorneys can hire freelance lawyers to help complete legal work on a per project basis.  It was built by lawyers, for lawyers, with the understanding that in order to maximize profits, lawyers need to bill more hours each day. LAWCLERK understands that lawyers are busy, things come up, and work needs to get done, and was built exactly for that.  The technology allows attorneys to get work done from anywhere.  With all that is going on right now, it is important to be flexible and be able to work from home.  An account with LAWCLERK allows users to login from any phone or computer, post a project, review applicants, hire for the projects, and get the work done all from anywhere the user chooses.

LAWCLERK has thousands of freelance lawyers, in all areas of law, throughout the United States that are working remotely and can jump in and help on a moment’s notice.  The best part of LAWCLERK is that you name the flat fee price you want to pay for the work and can control the due date the work needs to be done.  Once you receive applicants, you can review their resumes, writing samples and reviews of past projects they’ve worked on and you select the one person you want to work with for the project. In addition, any of these freelancers can be added to your “Team” which means they can be invited directly to work on a project for you.  No need to review multiple applicants.  You have a group of virtual associates ready to go when needed.

With LAWCLERK, you communicate and share documents through the site in a safe, secure and confidential manner.  Only the hiring attorney and freelance lawyer have access to the information which is how LAWCLERK stays ethically compliant.  Plus, time-tracking and billing are made simple. At the end of a project, the hiring attorney receives a timecard from the freelance lawyer and those hours can be billed out to clients at a reasonable market rate meaning you can upcharge the work and make money using LAWCLERK.   

Since LAWCLERK is solely an attorney to attorney marketplace, all users are vetted before being accepted on the site.  Users must submit bar information so there is confirmation they are in good standing as well as a valid ID to verify their identity.  Because of this, LAWCLERK stands behind the freelance lawyers with a complete satisfaction guarantee. 

To be able to have the flexibility and freedom to get your legal work done from anywhere without the overhead costs of full-time employees is a game changer.  I invite you to register for your free account today and give LAWCLERK a try.  I promise it will help you improve your productivity and increase your profits. 

If you have any questions or need help getting started, we are here to help.  Please reach out to your Dedicated LAWCLERK Advisor or the LAWCLERK Care Team by email at, phone (888) 479-5728 or book a demo here!


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