The Business of Law

Legal Marketing: Proven Ways To Grow Your Practice and Your Law Firm

By Kristin Tyler, Esq.
September 17, 2021

In this post Kristin discusses real world, proven ways, to to grow your practice and your firm.

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12 Ways I Grew My Career as a Freelance Lawyer

By Daniel R. Marx, Esq.
September 06, 2021

Daniel Marx is a wildly successful freelance lawyer. In this blog post he explains his secret sauce for success.



Tips To Improve Your Attorney Resume and Make It Stand Out

By Kristin Tyler, Esq.
August 09, 2021

Here are our tips for improving your attorney resume and making it stand out.


The Business of Law

Law Firm Profitability: Delegation Is Your Superpower

By Talitha Gray Kozlowski
July 20, 2021

Growing your law firm profitability is based upon working smarter not harder. Delegation to is your superpower.



How to Become A Freelance Lawyer & Start Making Money

By Talitha Gray Kozlowski
June 29, 2021

In this post we focus on the important considerations and issues in becoming a freelance lawyer and how to start making money.

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6 Proven Ways to Improve Law Firm Profitability Based Upon My 15 Years as a Managing Partner

By Greg Garman
June 22, 2021

Over the couple of decades I have been in this business, I have identified 6 proven ways to improve your law firm's profitability.  


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Improved Search Functionality Virtual Associate Subscription Opportunities

By Talitha Gray Kozlowski
June 14, 2021

Learn more about LAWCLERK's new and improved way to find the perfect virtual associate subscription opportunity for you!


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Timing is Everything: How a Solo Attorney Leveraged Subscription Virtual Associates to Meet a Fast Approaching Deadline for Wildfire Damage Claims

By Kristin Tyler
April 21, 2021

Last fall as the LAWCLERK team was gearing up to test out a new subscription-based offer we got a call from attorney Eric Ratinoff.


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Invitation to Upcoming Webinars

By Kristin Tyler
April 20, 2021

You are hereby cordially invited to the following webinars. Mark your calendar and RSVP (aka register) today!


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LAWCLERK Partners with Florida Bar Solo Small Firm Section

By Kristin Tyler
February 12, 2021

Last fall we were contacted by the Board for the Florida Bar Solo and Small Firm Section.

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Building a Blossoming Freelance Career in the Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Kristin Tyler
January 27, 2021

Over 59 million Americans carried out some form of freelance work in the last 12 months.

Outsource legal work

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How to Effectively Outsource Legal Work [An In-Depth Look]

By Kristin Tyler
January 22, 2021

In this post, we'll share the best practices that attorney Corey Parker uses when outsourcing legal work, to give you ideas for your own practice.

Law firm staffing

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How to Effectively Staff Your Small Law Firm [COVID-19 Implications]

By Kristin Tyler
September 18, 2020

In this post, we'll discuss the why and the how behind effectively using freelance lawyers as part of your law firm staffing strategy.

Law firm business model is dying

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Why the Large Law Firm Business Model Is Dying and What We’re Doing Instead

By Greg Garman
August 18, 2020

The business of law is changing, and the old ways aren't going to work forever. In this post we talk about how your firm can gain a competitive advantage.

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Law in Pop Culture


By Michael Brunet, Esq.
November 22, 2017

Sometimes you just know, “I’m missing something.” You realize suddenly you’re different, but not in a good way...

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The Business of Law Is Getting Harder; And We All Knew That (Part 1)

By Greg Garman
November 14, 2017

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, legal services, when measured as a percentage of the overall U.S. economy...

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Tips & Tricks

How to Price a Project on LAWCLERK™

By Greg Garman and Talitha Gray Kozlowski
November 09, 2017

We are often asked how attorneys should price their projects on LAWCLERK™. While there is no answer to fit...

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Today’s Legal Clients Want Flat Fee Billing

By Kristin Tyler
November 06, 2017

Clients are growing ever more sophisticated in their understanding of the business of law and how it relates...

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The Start of the Beginning…

By Greg Garman
November 03, 2017

I and my co-founders have had remarkable careers as practicing attorneys.  We belong to a generation of lawyers, perhaps the last generation...