How do I change the scope of a project after a Lawclerk is selected?

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It is possible that after a project is assigned to a Lawclerk, you may want to modify the scope of the posted project.  For example, after receiving an initial submission, the Attorney may determine that a new legal issue that is outside of the scope of the project should also be researched.  In such case, the Attorney can communicate with the Lawclerk about changing the scope of the project to address both the initial legal issue, as well as the new legal issue that is beyond the initial scope of the Project.

After the Project has been assigned to a Lawclerk, a scope change can only occur if both the Attorney and the Lawclerk agree to the scope change.  Only Attorneys may request a scope change.


To request a scope change, which can include modifications to the project description, deadlines, and the flat fee price by opening the project folder on your dashboard.  Once inside the project folder, click on the cog icon in the top right corner under your name to make the changes to the Project.  Be sure to click “submit” before exiting to ensure that your changes are saved.  Note that if you increase the flat fee price, you must go into the hamburger on the left hand corner of your screen and click "Manage Payments" and accept the increased payment being charged to your credit card before the Lawclerk can submit a final project for which the scope has been changed.