Unauthorized Practice of Law

Unauthorized Practice Of Law

The definition of “the practice of law” is established by each jurisdiction and therefore, the definition varies from one to another. Because of the divergent definitions of what constitutes the practice of law, our guide provides a state-by-state analysis of how LAWCLERK fits within the unauthorized practice of law framework for every state. This guide assures all parties that the use of LAWCLERK does not constitute the unauthorized practice of law in any jurisdiction.


LAWCLERK requires Attorneys to maintain sole responsibility for supervising the Lawclerk’s work product, pursuant to Rule 5.3

Lawyer going through documents in the folder
Magistrate taping the gavel in the court

By precluding any contact with an Attorney’s clients or any other party to the work in which the Lawclerk has been engaged, LAWCLERK satisfies Rule 5.5.

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Unauthorized Practice Of Law