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LAWCLERK™ - Where Attorneys Go To Hire Freelance Lawyers


Greg Garman, Talitha Gray Kozlowski, and Kristin Tyler, the co-founders of LAWCLERK, practiced for many years together as partners at a regional firm with six offices across the West and D.C.  In 2015, they left to open a boutique firm in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  And, while they enjoyed the multitude of benefits of being a small firm – fewer conflicts, flexibility, better and more profitable business model, and improved quality of life, just to name a few – they missed two benefits of the larger firm.  As big cases came in the door or they prepared for trial, they missed the ability to call on a large pool of associates to help.  And when an issue arose outside of their practice areas, they missed the ability to walk down the hall to ask a colleague in lieu of doing the research themselves.  They decided there must be a way to have the best of both worlds – the benefits of being a solo practitioner or small firm with the resources of a larger firm.  From there, LAWCLERK was born. 

Greg, Talitha, and Kristin designed LAWCLERK to allow solo practitioners and small firms to tap into a nationwide network of skilled freelance attorneys and add subject matter expertise or an extra set of hands whenever they need it without increasing their overhead by adding full-time employees.       

They believe LAWCLERK is the solution for solo practicioners and small firms to succeed in the changing legal landscape.  With LAWCLERK, attorneys can create a better work product, lower the costs of legal services to their clients, and increase their profits.