FAQs for Hiring Attorneys

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How does LAWCLERK work?
How can outsourcing improve my practice?
Are there any monthly or annual fees?
Who are the freelancers (aka "Lawclerks")?
What is a Dedicated LAWCLERK Advisor?
Are the Lawclerks all U.S. attorneys?
Are there limits on what Lawclerks can do?
What type of work can I get done?
How to Resister as a Hiring Attorney

Additional Questions

How does LAWCLERK's integration with Clio work?
Can I register as both a Lawclerk and a posting attorney?
How do I cancel a project or submit a dispute?
How does LAWCLERK maintain its security?
How does LAWCLERK handle conflict?
Is LAWCLERK ethically compliant?

Projects and Teams

How do I post a project?
How do I price my project?
How long should I set the application period?
How do I communicate with the Lawclerk after they are selected?
How do I increase the price or change my project deadlines?
What's the average timeframe for projects to be completed?
How do I increase the price or change my project deadlines?
Can I cancel my project?
What is the difference between a team and a project?
What is LAWCLERK Teams and how do I build a team?
Why would I want to build a team?
How do I invite a Lawclerk on my team to complete a project?
How do I share documents?
Do I get a timecard so I can bill my client?

Payment & Billing

How is payment handled?
How is tax reporting handled?

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