FAQs for Freelance Attorneys

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Are there any monthly or annual fees?
How can LAWCLERK benefit me?
Why are the freelance lawyers called "Lawclerks"?
How to Register as a Freelance Lawyer

Additional Questions

Can I register as both a Lawclerk and a hiring attorney?
How do I submit a dispute?
How does LAWCLERK maintain its security?
How does LAWCLERK handle conflict?
Is LAWCLERK ethically compliant?
Do I need my own access to legal research databases?

Projects and Teams

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How do I apply for projects?
How does subscription work?
What are teams and why should I apply for teams?
How can I increase my chances of being selected?
How do I communicate with the hiring attorney after I am selected for a project?
How do I manage notifications?

Payment & Billing

I completed my first project.  How do I get paid?
How is payment to handled?
Do I get a Form 1099?
I was closed out of my account after entering my bank information.  What happened?

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