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Profit on freelance lawyers the same way you would an associate or paralegal.
Hire a team of freelance lawyers to work with on a regular basis with exactly the skills your firm needs.
Quickly review resumes, writing samples, and other attorneys' reviews to pick the freelancers you want to work with.
Grow your firm and increase your revenue without adding overhead.
Our proprietary technology was built to comply with EVERY state’s ethical rules.
Get more time to do the things you love by delegating work to freelance lawyers.
You set the flat fee price for your project and that is all you pay. No sign-up or monthly fees.
We save you time by handling payment processing and tax reporting.
Compete with larger firms using our network of 1,500+ freelance lawyers in all 50 states.
Ryan Torrens
Ryan Torrens Attorney

As a solo practitioner, LAWCLERK has enabled my firm to produce litigation documents at a fast clip and an affordable price. This has reduced costs for our clients and has enabled our firm to become more efficient and take on some of the biggest law firms in the country.

Adrianne Graves
Adrianne Graves Attorney

LAWCLERK has been a game changer for my solo practice. Posting a job takes only a few minutes. I have created a team of qualified attorneys through LAWCLERK, which increases my productivity without the stress of additional overhead to my practice.

Robert Wright
Robert Wright Attorney

Using LAWCLERK has allowed me to grow and scale my practice in ways I never imagined. Having a team of highly qualified lawyers available to spin up at a moment's notice has been an absolute game changer for my firm!

Deborah Townsend
Deborah Townsend Attorney

I recently had an extremely complicated case which required extensive analysis, research and brief preparation to support a nonimmigrant visa waiver application. The Lawclerk who assisted me was a former U.S. consular officer who did a brilliant job and provided me with insights that only someone with consular experience could provide.

Kate Mesic
Kate Mesic Attorney

As a solo, I struggled not having an associate. Lawclerk has allowed me to have great quality research and drafting done on short notice, with no need to hire an associate! The work product has been phenomenal, and now that I have a team for the different areas of the law that I practice, the process is even smoother.

Morris Fischer
Morris Fischer Attorney

I've used Lawclerk now for 2 months and I'm sold on it. The biggest thing is not just price control, it's that I can have 7 projects going on at once. There's no associate who can do that.

Maria Bermudez
Maria Bermudez Attorney

I have used lawclerk.legal several times over the last few months. I think it’s great! It allows me to take on work when I am already busy and in areas I cannot always give my full attention to. I find it quite easy to find someone that can competently handle the issue that I need help with and have been satisfied with the results. I love that you can pick the person you choose to work with based on their credentials and determine your price and timeline. Seriously, this has saved me on last minute deadline where I needed a quick review from someone with more experience or help with drafting. I have enjoyed working with lawclerk.legal and look forward to their continued support.

Dominic Gentile
Dominic Gentile Attorney

My experience with Lawclerk has made me a believer. I hired a freelance lawyer to assist with a complicated U.S. Supreme Court Petition for Certiorari, and the result exceeded my expectations.

Robin Moore
Robin Moore Attorney

I spend so much time out of the office and I find myself less and less able to spend time drafting documents that are above my paralegal’s ability. LAWCLERK is the perfect solution. My experience with the Lawclerks has been phenomenal and I’ve been elated with the work product. I will definitely continue to use it in the future.

Atif Sheikh
Atif Sheikh Attorney

LAWCLERK has helped me manage the ebbs and flows of my practice. As a solo practitioner there are times I’m slammed and that’s when I hire freelance lawyers from LAWCLERK to help with research or drafting pleadings. On the flip side, when work slows down I’ve been able to pick up some freelance work. The fact that there are no monthly fees to be a part of LAWCLERK makes this a very affordable way to hire help when I need it without increasing my overhead.

Jason Bach
Jason Bach Attorney

After using LAWCLERK for the first time, our firm stopped using any other contract attorneys. LAWCLERK provides us unparalleled talent at rates that are friendly to the bottom line.

Brandi Cassady
Brandi Cassady Attorney

Our firm has a bustling estate planning and probate practice. I have used LAWCLERK to hire freelancers to assist with research and drafting. LAWCLERK saved me so much time to focus on other tasks and the work product far exceeded my expectations. Our firm plans to continue to use LAWCLERK – it’s the perfect remedy for busy attorneys!

Lisa Finks
Lisa Finks Lawclerk

I am loving Lawclerk! Your site is thoughtfully and beautifully designed. I have even had the opportunity to test out tech support and it was an outstanding experience. As for the work, I am enjoying the document review projects, the attorneys are great, the case is interesting and I appreciate the ability to fill in the gaps of my day job now that I am heading into my slow season.

Tasha Schwikert
Tasha Schwikert Lawclerk

Lawclerk.Legal is an unprecedented platform that offers me the opportunity and flexibility to engage in legal projects from my home-office and on my own time. The cases are substantively appealing and each and every attorney has been delightful to work with. Additionally, the platform is extremely user-friendly allowing for a streamlined process from start to finish of every project. Lawclerk.Legal is truly an amazing legal services platform!

Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas Lawclerk

Lawclerk has helped me expand my horizons and hone my legal skills. I’ve finally found a platform that offers me the freedom to choose my assignments and work at my own pace. It’s a great service that I plan to continue using.

Elena Roberts
Elena Roberts Lawclerk

I am thrilled to have found Lawclerk! It’s a fantastic way to expand the skills I already have and a great opportunity to work on a broader range of practice areas. In addition to working on document review projects, I’ve had the opportunity to work on motions in bankruptcy, guardianship, and discovery.