How do I post a project?

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Posting a project takes less than 2 minutes!

After you have registered as an Attorney, you may post a project.  To post a project, go to your dashboard, which can be accessed in the hamburger in the upper left corner. The first box on your dashboard reads “Create a New Project;” click this box.  From there, complete the following three easy steps:


Step 1: Name your Project. For example, you may call it “Memorandum on Fraudulent Transfer Law.”  As the project name is visible to the public, use a general name that does not contain any confidential information.  Then, select from the dropdown menu, the “Application period,” which is how long you will accept applicants before awarding the project to a Lawclerk.  Please note that you may assign the project to a Lawclerk before the stated “Application period” expires.  Next, set the “project deadline,” which is the date by which the Lawclerk must complete and submit the Project to you.  We recommend that you always request an initial draft if the project, which is accomplished by clicking “yes” in the “initial draft deadline” box and set the date by which the initial draft must be submitted to you.

After you have described the project, enter the “project price.”  This is the flat fee price that you will pay for the completion of your project.  As a reminder, you are only charges if you select a Lawclerk to complete your project.

Finally, for the project, select the “area of law” and “project type” from the dropdown menus.  Note that you may select more than one area of law and more than one project type.  Lawclerks are given the opportunity to be alerted when projects in their area(s) of specialty are posted.  As such, you will want to be as precise as possible to garner interest from the most qualified Lawclerks in the applicable area of law.  The last information needed is the “skill level,” which is again selected from a dropdown menu ranging from 1 to 4, with 4 being most complicated.

All of the foregoing information is then posted for Lawclerks to review in considering whether to apply for your project.


Step 2: Post a Project. Here, you must enter the project description.  You want the description to be detailed enough so that any interested Lawclerk has sufficient information to determine whether he or she has the skillset to complete the project and is willing to complete the project for the stated price.  However, as the project description is public information, it is important that the description does not include any confidential information. An example of a project description is: “I need a memorandum detailing the elements of a fraudulent transfer under Nevada law and 11 U.S.C. § 548 and a summary of the leading cases for each element.  You will also need to provide project details that enable the Lawclerk to better evaluate the economics of your project, such as the: (i) expected length of the document you are seeking the Lawclerk to prepare; (ii) estimated number of hours to complete the project; (iii) number of discovery requests to respond to; or (iv) other information that will allow the Lawclerk to better determine whether she wants to apply for the project at the flat fee price you have set.


Step 3: Review and affirm the rules governing the use of Lawclerks. As these three steps are straightforward, it should only take you a few minutes to post a project.