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Whether you need occasional help from a freelance lawyer or a long term subscription associate, thousands of law firms rely on us to bill more hours and reduce overhead.

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Austin Wright


Graduated third in his law school class

Erin Aube


After litigating for 11 years, Ms. Aube became a high school literature and composition teacher and freelance attorney

Lillian Munoz


Well-rounded attorney with a focus on civil litigation, employment, wills, trusts, and probate

Matthew Roazen


Former general counsel to international companies; former partner at an AmLaw 100 firm; has an international practice, having practiced in England, Russia & United States

Amanda Browning Richardson

Pennsylvania & Florida

Attorney with the Fort Myers City Attorney's Office; prepared and filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari before the US Supreme Court

Timothy Rodes

Hawaii, Massachusetts, Ohio & Washington

Judicial law clerk for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Ohio and United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Rinky Parwani

Florida, Texas, Iowa & California

Admitted to the bar in 4 states; member of the US Tax Court, US Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit, Eleventh Circuit, and many more

Erik Hammet


Worked as a law clerk in the Riverside County Public Defender's Office and now focuses his practice on criminal defense, civil litigation, and appellate law

Jordan Saint John


Has a Bachelor of Engineering, Biomedical and Electrical from Vanderbilt; established appellate practice

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Virtual Associate Subscription

Hire As Much Or As Little Of A Virtual Associate As You Need On A Monthly Basis.

  • Step 1
    Select the experience and monthly hours you need
  • Step 2
    Post a position and hire
  • Step 3
    Get work done just as you would with an associate
  • Step 4
    Let us take care of the admin work and tax reporting
  • Step 5
    Thrill your clients, increase your billings, and repeat

Freelance Lawyer Marketplace

Expand Your Practice And Get More Done With On-Demand Freelance Lawyers Who Are Paid By The Project.

  • Step 1
    Post a confidential project
  • Step 2
    Set a flat fee
  • Step 3
    Lawyers apply
  • Step 4
    Review credentials and select applicant
  • Step 5
    Share documents and communicate securely
  • Step 6
    Receive a time card so you can bill your client

Why use lawclerk?

Hiring Attorneys

Make More Money

Bill the time and profit from freelance lawyers and virtual assoicates while reducing your overhead.

Grow & Scale Your Practice

LAWCLERK is the most flexible way to grow and scale your practice.

Hire Exactly who you need

Take on larger cases and expand into new areas knowing you have the support to meet your clients needs.

Why use lawclerk?

Freelance Attorneys

Freelance Career

Build your ideal freelance career without fear of nonpayment.

Unlimited Control

You choose the work you do and the attorneys you work with.

Complete Flexibility

Work on your own schedule and from anywhere.

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Why Busy Lawyers use Lawclerk

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Our Users Love LAWCLERK

Jessica Birken


I wasn’t sure about whether to use LAWCLERK, so I put it off for a while. I totally regret it. I should’ve done this months ago!

Adrianne Graves


LAWCLERK has been a game changer for my solo practice. Posting a job takes only a few minutes. I have created a team of qualified attorneys through LAWCLERK, which increases my productivity without the stress of additional overhead to my practice.

Robert Wright


Using LAWCLERK has allowed me to grow and scale my practice in ways I never imagined. Having a team of highly qualified lawyers available to spin up at a moment's notice has been an absolute game changer for my firm!

Deborah Townsend


I recently had an extremely complicated case which required extensive analysis, research and brief preparation to support a nonimmigrant visa waiver application. The Lawclerk who assisted me was a former U.S. consular officer who did a brilliant job and provided me with insights that only someone with consular experience could provide.

Kate Mesic


As a solo, I struggled not having an associate. LAWCLERK has allowed me to have great quality research and drafting done on short notice with no need to hire an associate! The work product has been phenomenal, and now that I have a team for the different areas of the law that I practice, the process is even smoother.

Atif Sheikh


LAWCLERK has helped me manage the ebbs and flows of my practice. As a solo practitioner there are times I'm slammed and that's when I hire freelance lawyers from LAWCLERK to help with research or drafting pleadings. On the flip side, when work slows down I've been able to pick up some freelance work. The fact that there are no monthly fees to be a part of LAWCLERK makes this a very affordable way to hire help when I need it without increasing my overhead.

Brandi Cassady


Our firm has a bustling estate planning and probate practice. I have used LAWCLERK to hire freelancers to assist with research and drating. LAWCLERK saved me so much time to focus on other tasks and the work product far exceeded my expectations. Our firm plans to continue to use LAWCLERK - It's the perfect remedy for busy attorneys!

Kimberly Edwards


I started freelancing on LAWCLERK with the aim of gaining valuable experience and supplemental income while I started a solo practice. However, after a few months on LAWCLERK, I was inspired to begin a full-time freelance career. LAWCLERK has connected me with attorneys from all over the country and has provided me with exciting opportunities I otherwise would have missed out on. LAWCLERK allows me to focus on what I love about the practice of law while providing me with the necessary tools to be successful for my client: the hiring attorney. LAWCLERK’s platform and support is unparalleled to anything I could have imagined, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of their community!

Adam Strachn


LAWCLERK makes up over 99% of my firm’s revenue and between projects and Virtual Associate assignments I have been able to build my law office from scratch debt-free. The sheer number of new projects and Virtual Associate opportunities that are posted daily never ceases to amaze me. This amount of work and the flexibility of being a freelancer has allowed me to watch my kids during the day while working during nap time and late into the night so I don’t miss out on quality time with the family. I highly, highly recommend LAWCLERK.