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Clio is integrated with LAWCLERK allowing you to manage your practice and your talent more efficiently. With our integration, law firms can efficiently sync time keeping, billing, calendaring, task management, and documents between LAWCLERK and Clio.







LAWCLERK Works Well With Clio

Whether you need occasional help from a freelance lawyer or a long-term subscription remote associate, thousands of law firms rely on LAWCLERK to get work done and reduce overhead. When a Clio attorney posts a project on LAWCLERK, among other features:
  • The LAWCLERK project deadline is added to a Clio attorney's calendar.

  • A task is generated in Clio identifying that there is a LAWCLERK project associated to the matter.

  • The hours/time that a Lawclerk (a freelance lawyer) spends on a LAWCLERK project will automatically sync to the Clio matter for the attorney’s review and billing.

  • All documents and submissions uploaded to LAWCLERK are automatically exported to the attorney's Clio documents.

  • All documents and submissions exported from LAWCLERK are automatically organized in the Clio designated matter folder.

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LAWCLERK Solutions


Project-Based Work

You Set The Price

Average project price is $575

Pay A Flat Fee

For projects lasting 1 week to 1 month
  • Easy to post confidential work.
  • Ability to send work directly.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Hourly Associate Icon black

Hourly Associate

Pay A Retainer Of


To Get Started

Pay Hourly

A more flexible way to hire a remote associate

  • Pay as you go based on the hours worked.
  • Give as much or as little work to your remote associate as you have.
  • Access to your remote associate’s billing records for easy billing to your clients.

Remote Associate Subscription

Starting At


Per Month

Pay Bi-Weekly

Hiring a part time or full time remote associate

  • Get more work done.
  • Access to our system to manage workload, communicate, and track time.
  • Roll over feature for unused hours.

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Sarah Jewel Light

I feel like LAWCLERK is the best kept secret of running a successful small law firm. I do not know how I could pull off the volume of work and turn projects around as quickly for our clients without LAWCLERK by my side. I have had so much success with using the subscription service that I am thinking about adding another subscription Lawclerk in a different area of practice. I feel this is a way to expand my practice virtually, without needing to add space to my office and without having to hire traditional associates. I am not sure what else I can say other than this was godsend to my new firm. I greatly appreciate and value the services you provide. Thank you!

Sarah Jewell

River Valley Law, PA

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