Life has changed for all of us in just a matter of days.  Two weeks ago, I was in Philadelphia for a powerful symposium with incredible women lawyers who own their own firms.  This week, I am working from my kitchen table in between school lessons with my kids, countless conference calls, and wondering if I’ve stocked up on enough coffee – not to mention snacks – to last 30 days of social distancing.

I’ve talked to a lot of lawyers the past week.  Some are still super busy and trying to get their existing work out in compliance with various shutdown orders.  Others tell me their phones have gone silent and they are getting nervous about what a seemingly unavoidable recession may do to their practice.  A common thread from lawyers across the country is that in many ways life seems like its on pause as we wait to see what unfolds.

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is having an extraordinary impact on our daily lives, our economy and the practice of law.  Some lawyers and law firms will emerge from all of this stronger, nimbler and more resilient.

I hope your firm is one of those.

Now is not the time to push pause on the plans you’ve been working on to grow your firm.  Perhaps you were planning to hire a new associate but with this new uncertainty you’ve put that on the backburner.  Completely understandable but there is another, better option to allow you to continue to grow your firm.

LAWCLERK was built to support remote legal work.  Many people know we connect lawyers with licensed virtual associates, but we do MORE!

We provide easy to use tools to make it easy for you to work with a freelance lawyer (called a Lawclerk) remotely like secure document sharing, communication, timekeeping and of course payment processing along with tax reporting just to name a few.  Our talented Lawclerks and these remote tools are helping lawyers successfully navigate these challenging times.

Another great feature is that when you connect with a Lawclerk that you really like you can add them to your Team.  You can create as many Teams as you want – either for different areas of law (Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law for example), different types of work (Research, Demand Letters and Transactional) or even for different cases/clients.

You can connect with talented Lawclerks in all 50 states and work with them on a per-project basis.  This cuts out the overhead of a traditional hire – no need for more office space, equipment, salary and benefits.  Collaborating with freelance lawyers rather than hiring an associate allows you to operate in a lean, efficient way while still taking on more clients and growing your firm.

You can schedule a demo HERE to speak with one of our LAWCLERK Team Members about how we can help you navigate these unchartered waters.

Despite all the uncertainty, now is not the time to hit the pause button on your firm’s growth!

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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