We are excited to announce that attorneys are now able to video conference with each other direct within the LAWCLERK dashboard!  This new feature makes communicating on Projects even more simple when collaborating together remotely.

At LAWCLERK, we are committed to providing the tools that attorneys need to successfully work from anywhere. Many people know we connect lawyers with licensed virtual associates, but we do more!  We provide easy to use tools to make it a breeze to work remotely like secure document sharing, communication, timekeeping and of course payment processing along with tax reporting just to name a few.

This latest feature enhancement adding a video conferencing tool is a valuable addition to the other remote work tools LAWCLERK currently offers.

Attorneys and freelance lawyers who are working together on an open Project previously had the capability to use a text chat box with each other within the LAWCLERK platform. Allowing the users to video conference – or communicate via audio only – is a new feature that enhances communication and ultimately the LAWCLERK experience.

This new feature gives users the ability to reach out faster, get work done in a timelier manner and help those working together get to know each other in order to build rapport. This complements the Teams feature in which attorneys can add freelancers to their Team and then invite them to work on upcoming Projects.

“Our firm has been using LAWCLERK for nearly three years now and this video conferencing tool is a game changer along with the other tools they offer to make remote outsourcing a breeze,” said Anne Loraditch, Managing Partner of The Bach Law Firm. “I love that it makes LAWCLERK a one stop shop and we can work with multiple freelancers to get more done and communicate with them easily and quickly through the website.”

Once connected, either the hiring attorney or the freelance attorney can share their screen which allows viewing of documents without back and forth emails. The chat box is also enabled during the video conferencing so either user can share information quickly.

This is part of our ongoing effort to support lawyers with workflow tools to allow for a seamless experience with remote work and outsourcing.  Learn more and schedule a free demo or sign up today at www.lawclerk.legal!

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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