If you ask a group of lawyers what they hate the most about being a lawyer, there’s a high probability you will hear the answer: “Discovery.”

Discovery work is a necessary but tedious part of any lawyer’s caseload.  It can be incredibly time consuming to draft discovery requests, work with the client to prepare responses, and analyze the mountain of documents opposing counsel inevitably dumps on you – not to mention writing motions to compel when you don’t get what you think you were supposed to get.

If you are a solo attorney or part of a small firm chances are you have been bogged down by discovery at one time or another in your career.  When it comes to discovery, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The good news is that delegating discovery work is one of the BEST ways you can put LAWCLERK to work.

Successful lawyers use LAWCLERK for discovery.  How?  Here’s a recent example.

Dylan – an attorney at a small firm – needed help to prepare objections for two requests for production of documents as well as one set of interrogatories.  Dylan logged into his LAWCLERK account, posted the work as a Project and invited a freelance lawyer named David to prepare the work.  Dylan had worked with David before on another Project and was so impressed by his work that he added David to his “Discovery Team.”

By way of background, David has over nine years’ experience practicing in litigation and has – thus far – completed 58 Projects via LAWCLERK.  He has received our top rating of “Exceeded Expectations” on 93% of his completed Projects.

For this new Project, Dylan paid a flat fee of $500.  David reported that he worked 10.4 hours on the Project preparing the objections.  Now, we don’t know how much Dylan charged his client as a reasonable market rate for David’s work but let’s say it was $175 per hour.  If Dylan charged the 10.4 hours to the client at the rate of $175 the total billed would be $1,820 meaning that Dylan’s firm generated a profit of $1,320 ($1,820 – $500) on this outsourced work.

Plus, by delegating the work to a freelancer it freed up at least 10.4 hours of Dylan’s time to do other things like meet with new clients, attend court or maybe just relax with his family.

Getting work done, generating revenue and freeing up a busy attorney’s time for a different task is a win, win, win!

There are endless ways you can work with our nationwide network of freelance lawyers to improve your productivity and your profits.  Not sure how to get started or set the flat fee price for your next project?  No worries – we are here to help!  Please reach out to your Dedicated LAWCLERK Advisor or the LAWCLERK Care Team by email support@lawclerk.legal or via phone (888) 479-5728.

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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