Legal buyers need your legal knowledge but also crave comfort and reassurance as well as a solution to their legal problems.

Today’s law practice requires you to have a high level of emotional intelligence to navigate successfully when the old rules don’t quite apply. That’s why growing your emotional intelligence is so important.

Salovey and Mayer were the early pioneers in developing the field of research known as emotional intelligence or EQ. While IQ measures your intelligence, and is a static measurement, EQ measures your ability to manage emotions and can be taught.

EQ has been proven to be a key factor in professional and financial success as well as happiness. Outsourcing to a freelance lawyer is a good way to increase your emotional intelligence.

High EQ attorneys understand that acquiring coping skills enable you to run a more efficient law practice, which ultimately allows you to focus your attention on servicing clients more fully.

Your self-awareness skills enable you to know when your emotions might be getting in the way of the process of outsourcing.  In other words, you recognize when you are micromanaging your freelance lawyer. You can then look for ways to reassure yourself that your work will be well done. LAWCLERK gives you a safe way to communicate with your freelance lawyer.

Through your empathy, you understand what it is like to be a freelance lawyer. You know that a legal career can take many different forms. You can reach out to build rapport and trust in your working relationship. For example, you can inquire about why the lawyer choose to become a freelancer.  It’s likely you’ll discover that you share interests and goals. We all work harder for people we know, like and trust.

Building your empathy muscles with your freelance lawyers gives you the skill and practice to be more empathetic with your law clients as well.

Clients will test your patience. You need skills to assist them to manage the high stress that accompanies being part of a legal action. For instance, your client may decide that Facebook is a good place to discuss their frustrations. When your EQ is high you can deal with the situation with kindness and redirect your client to more appropriate resources like a support group or mental health professional.

You possess a growth mindset when you outsource.   You know that your success doesn’t rest solely in your hands and you are open to collaborating with others to achieve your goals.  That mindset puts you miles ahead of lawyers who believe success only comes through their own efforts or not at all.  You won’t be stuck struggling with things you don’t know how to do (or don’t want to do). You will become comfortable getting the help you need.

You demonstrate to yourself and clients that you know your worth when you outsource.  How many lawyers do you know who love to wear their ‘I’m so busy button’?  It makes you wonder if all that busyness is about justifying their fees. You are communicating that your time has value and should be used wisely when you outsource.  Your clients will appreciate knowing that you won’t waste your time or theirs.

Outsourcing your legal work to a freelance lawyer not only allows you to grow your law firm and your earnings, it will increase your personal development and happiness, too.

Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg


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