One of the most exciting things we get to witness at LAWCLERK is how some freelancers ultimately decide to hang a shingle and launch their own law firm serving clients directly.  In this case study, we’ll look at some of the powerful numbers that propelled a freelancer turned practitioner to great success.

The Challenge
A seasoned freelance lawyer (“Attorney”) with years of experience under her belt sought to launch her own family law firm and build her own client base.

The LAWCLERK Solution

LAWCLERK provides access to a pool of thousands of talented associates and freelance lawyers with every imaginable skillset and experience level.  In turn, LAWCLERK also provides thousands of opportunities for freelance lawyers to work when and how they chose, from project-based work to full-time. Here, the Attorney worked on nearly two dozen project opportunities as she built her client base and her firm.  After transitioning to focus her own client base, working with her dedicated advisor, LAWCLERK provided freelance lawyers to work for her on a project basis.  However, as her book of business grew, she ultimately hired a remote subscription associate to help meet the demand of her growing firm.

The Result

During the time the Attorney was working as a freelance lawyer and building her own client base, the LAWCLERK marketplace provided her valuable project-based income as she worked on 20+ individual projects (earning nearly all “Exceeded Expectations” reviews).

In 2021, as her client base began to quickly grow, Attorney registered as a Hiring Attorney with LAWCLERK.  After outsourcing projects to a few freelancers, Attorney found a natural rhythm and relationship working with one freelance lawyer in particular.  Ultimately, this relationship became more permanent and regular when they transitioned to a monthly subscription (which has slowly increased from 20 to 50 hours per month).

In just a few short months, paying the remote associate $75 per hour and billing the associate’s time to clients at a reasonable hourly rate of $229 (the average for her home state in the family law practice area) this outsourcing resulted in $100,000+ of revenue to the firm and profit to the firm of more than $65,000.  In addition, Attorney has been able to find a better work/life balance.

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Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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