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12 Ways I Grew My Career as a Freelance Lawyer

By Daniel R. Marx, Esq.
September 06, 2021

Daniel Marx is a wildly successful freelance lawyer. In this blog post he explains his secret sauce for success.



Tips To Improve Your Attorney Resume and Make It Stand Out

By Kristin Tyler, Esq.
August 09, 2021

Here are our tips for improving your attorney resume and making it stand out.



How to Become A Freelance Lawyer & Start Making Money

By Talitha Gray Kozlowski
June 29, 2021

In this post we focus on the important considerations and issues in becoming a freelance lawyer and how to start making money.

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Building a Blossoming Freelance Career in the Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Kristin Tyler
January 27, 2021

Over 59 million Americans carried out some form of freelance work in the last 12 months.

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Chart Your Own Career Through Unchartered Territory

By Kristin Tyler
August 25, 2020

There’s no doubt the legal industry is experiencing a profound revolution thanks to “Ms. Rona.” Lawyers are adapting new technologies at rapid speed.

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A Story From a Freelance Attorney

By Taylor Glass
May 26, 2020

Prior to attending law school, I had been working for a number of members of the California State Legislature.