When law firms need short-term legal help, they typically turn to a temporary legal staffing agency. While these staffing companies can be helpful in some situations, they aren’t a good fit for many law firms. Plus, their fees can be expensive.  That’s where an online legal marketplace – like LAWCLERK – can help.

A legal marketplace provides an online platform where firms can post projects they need completed and connect with freelance lawyers who are available to help. This differs from staffing agencies in 3 main ways:

  1. Diverse pool of candidates. Typically, staffing agencies have a finite number of candidates and they have less diversity in experience, practice area and geography than a marketplace. An online marketplace, such as LAWCLERK, attracts large numbers of viable applicants with every level of experience.  The LAWCLERK network has over 1,500 freelance lawyers with a wide array of experience and expertise.
  2. Nationwide access. Temporary agencies are usually providing local talent, which might be fine for larger firms who are looking for people to work onsite. However, many smaller firms are fine with virtual freelancers. Their biggest concern is finding someone qualified to do the work at an affordable rate. An online marketplace can offer qualified candidates from around the country and can allow you to connect with the exact expertise you need.
  3.  Law firm control over the selection process. Staffing companies often select the candidates they think best match what a firm is seeking. However, an online platform allows the hiring attorney to review the profile of those who have applied for a project and pick the best applicant for the work.  If you like to be in control of who is helping work on your cases, a marketplace may be a better solution for you.

Companies who provide temporary legal staffing are often geared towards large law firms, leaving solos and small firms with few cost-effective solutions. These firms particularly benefit by the wider selection of candidates and control offered by a legal services marketplace.

LAWCLERK operates nationwide with qualified freelancers at every level of experience. Our freelance lawyers – aka Lawclerks – range from former big-law associates, to stay at home parents, to former judicial clerks, to retired lawyers with decades of experience.

In addition, our services are designed to comply with the ethics rules regarding the unauthorized practice of law. Lawclerks are employed as paraprofessionals so they can provide services anywhere in the country in compliance with state ethics rules. Our platform provides detailed information on applicants, including their resume or bio, writing sample, and his/her Lawclerk ratings given by attorneys who have worked with them already.

If you are interested in finding a qualified freelance lawyer for your legal project, learn more about how LAWCLERK™ works or contact us for a consultation today.

Talitha Gray Kozlowski

Talitha Gray Kozlowski


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