We’re kicking off a series of case studies to share how LAWCLERK has become part of the business model of thousands of law firms across the country spanning all practice areas and firm sizes.

First up, we will explore how LAWCLERK powered $327,903 in profit for a boutique litigation firm by leveraging freelance lawyers to complete a massive document review project.

The Challenge

A regional litigation boutique firm (“Firm”) was retained to defend a billion-dollar claim being prosecuted by two AmLaw 100 Firms with collectively more than 6,000 lawyers.  Facing tight discovery timelines, and the need to utilize their own lawyers to take and defend 45 depositions worldwide (often on a double and triple stack), the Firm needed additional support with a sophisticated review of more than 3.5 million pages of discovery within 120-days.

The LAWCLERK Solution

LAWCLERK provides access to a pool of thousands of virtual associates and freelance lawyers with every imaginable skillset and experience level.  The Firm was able to leverage LAWCLERK’s talent pool to hire and deploy more than 25 U.S. based (and licensed) lawyers to complete the document review on time and at a 30% cost savings to the client, all while driving $329,903 in profit to the Firm.

The Result

Throughout the process, the Firm directly managed the team of lawyers with their own eDiscovery systems and workflows.  The team provided by LAWCLERK produced 3,420 billable hours of substantive, skilled review of the documents including the “smoking gun” evidence which directly led to a settlement on very favorable terms for the Firm. The Firm billed the LAWCLERK lawyers out at $185 per hour for a total of $652,803. This represents a more than 30% savings to the client as the Firm had no associates charging less than $270 per hour. The Firm paid on average $95 per hour for the document review, which produced a profit to the Firm of $327,903.  Of even more benefit was that the LAWCLERK lawyers averaged at least 9 years of litigation experience.

The project developed into an ongoing partnership between LAWCLERK and the Firm, who has since hired two Virtual Associates on a subscription basis and further used the LAWCLERK Marketplace to scale up and down based upon short term needs.

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Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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