Lawyers can be notoriously slow to adopt new technologies even when they have tremendous potential to make their professional and personal lives easier.  Why do we attorneys resist change especially when it comes to technological advances?  I mean, can you imagine what it’d be like to still do legal research with actual books?  Could you function on a daily basis without a smartphone?

Here’s five reasons you should give the technology behind LAWCLERK™ a try to see how it can help you and your practice evolve:


Protecting the security and confidentiality of a client is a top priority for every successful attorney.  This is why we built an encrypted document repository to allow the attorney and the freelance lawyer (we call them “Lawclerks”) to safely and securely share documents.  But, before a Lawclerk can even access any of the documents provided by the attorney in connection with the project, the Lawclerk must sign our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Further, the Lawclerk must also pass a conflict check.  We developed two separate layers for conflict checks.  After a project is posted, the posting attorney must provide her conflicts list for the project.  After the attorney selects a freelance Lawclerk from the pool of Lawclerks that have applied for the project, the selected Lawclerk must then download and review the conflict rules for each state in which the attorney that has posted the project is barred.  After reviewing the applicable rules, the selected Lawclerk must then review the conflicts list posted by the Attorney and affirm that she does not have any conflict.  The LAWCLERK™ conflicts check technology is so advanced that the site can even block a Lawclerk from appearing as an available applicant if the Lawclerk previously completed a project where the posting attorney’s client was listed as an adverse party in the prior project’s conflict list.

No monthly membership fee

One of the most common questions we get from attorneys is how much does LAWCLERK™ cost per month?  The answer: nothing.  There is no sign-up fee and no monthly membership fee.

Unlike your billing software or your legal research subscription, there is no monthly fee for attorneys to register and be a part of LAWCLERK™.  In fact, you can sign up for free in less than 90 seconds!

The only time you open up your wallet is when you post a project on LAWCLERK™.  When you post a project, you set a flat fee rate that you are willing to pay the Lawclerk for the work on your project.

Traditional “contact attorneys” usually charge hourly for their services so there is always the unknown factor of how much the traditional contract attorney will charge you.  This isn’t the case with LAWCLERK™.  With LAWCLERK™, you set the flat fee price up front and the Lawclerks know they are bidding to work on a flat fee project.  The funds are not disbursed to the Lawclerk until after you receive and approve their work product.


We know the importance of privacy and confidentiality and that is why we have taken every measure to protect your privacy and confidentiality when you use LAWCLERK™.

Only lawyers can log-in and use LAWCLERK™.  The public has absolutely no access to the identity of the attorneys and freelance Lawclerks using the LAWCLERK™ marketplace.

As a freelance Lawclerk, your profile is only visible when you apply for a project.  And, even when you have applied for a project, your profile may only be viewed by the attorney that posted the project during the application period.  Thus, as a Lawclerk, you have 100% control over which attorneys see your profile.

As an attorney posting a project, your profile is only visible to the freelance Lawclerks that are considering applying for your project.  As soon as you have selected a Lawclerk to complete your project, your profile is no longer viewable until you post another project.

Impressive Lawclerk credentials

Attorneys who try LAWCLERK™ repeatedly tell us that they are impressed with the credentials of the freelance Lawclerks in the marketplace.  Our Lawclerks include former partners of AM LAW firms, former judicial clerks, mid-level associates who took time off to care for family, solo practitioners looking to make additional income while they build their own practices, and recent law school graduates.

When an attorney posts a project, interested Lawclerks can apply to work on the project.  Once a Lawclerk applies for a project, the attorney has the opportunity to review their resume, writing sample, and ratings from prior work in the marketplace before selecting a Lawclerk.

No additional overhead

As a busy attorney, LAWCLERK™ gives you the flexibility to hire additional help when you need it without the added overhead of hiring full time associates.  On the flip side, if you find yourself in the midst of a slow season, you can always pick up additional work via LAWCLERK™ by applying to work on projects for other attorneys.

LAWCLERK™ essentially gives you a cyber law firm of associates to help you on a project by project basis to expand your practice!

What are you waiting for?  I challenge you to be an early adopter and give LAWCLERK™ a try today.  Sign up is free and posting a project takes less than 2 minutes.

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk

Kristin Tyler, Co-Founder Lawclerk


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