One of the greatest challenges of being a general practitioner is that the business model isn’t scalable. For the typical solo or small firm attorney, revenue is limited to the maximum number of hours they can work in any given day, week, month, or year. And hiring more associates isn’t always the answer. Associates are expensive, you can’t always keep them busy on billable work, and they usually lack subject matter expertise, thereby putting you at a marketing disadvantage.

Now, contrast this business model with that of “big law” rainmakers. They can sell a virtually limitless number of attorneys, each with subject matter expertise. And because of the breadth of specialization and resources they have to sell, “big law” can target more sophisticated clients with premium rates and greater profit margins.

This problem is why we created Lawclerk.Legal. With LAWCLERK™, general practitioners can leverage our secure and confidential marketplace to find subject matter expertise when and how you need it. With LAWCLERK™, solos and small firms can leverage talent and resources the same way the “big law” rainmakers do, thereby driving more work and greater profit.

Greg Garman , Co-Founder Lawclerk

Greg Garman , Co-Founder Lawclerk


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